Volcan Azul: Celebrating Our Partnership

Volcan Azul: Celebrating Our Partnership

The biggest form of appreciation in a relationship is taking time for each other: making an effort to connect whenever possible. Built on a shared commitment to quality and sustainability, our relationship with Alejo Castro Kahle and his family goes back many seasons. Having visited the Volcan Azul estate in March 2024, it was an honour to welcome producer Alejo and his brother Frederico to Berlin in June. It is always a pleasure to share their coffee with you and having tasted their new seasonal crop at our roastery, there are even more memorable experiences on the way.

From Costa Rica To Berlin

Earlier this year, we visited some of our closest partners in Central America. The trip was a chance to reconnect with producers whose exceptional coffee features in our portfolio every year and it was a valuable chance to see how Volcan Azul continues to develop. With coffee trading roots that stretch back 200 years, Volcan Azul is a producer with incredible heritage. Since taking the reins at the estate, fifth generation producer Alejo has continued to push the boundaries of coffee quality.

The main area of Volcan Azul is located In the West Valley of Costa Rica. Here, the historic house and garden are found alongside the most modern mill and production facility. From the tiled floor and wood panels of the tasting room to the advanced quality control and processing methods, a taste of Volcan Azul is an experience of both heritage and innovation.

Visiting Volcan Azul The flavour of terroir

A Vision Of Sustainability

Building on an incredible history, a dedication to sustainability has brought Volcan Azul into a whole new era. The main estate is located on the edges of the Poás Volcano. From an altitude of 1500 metres, the land climbs to almost 2000. Walking the forested slope, the smell of sulphur in the air is a sign of the volcanic activity that continues to occur. With the preserved ecosystems that thrive there, the result is soil that is incredibly rich.

Since the 1980s, Volcan Azul has pioneered an approach to coffee growing which prioritises the preservation of the environment. Today, this includes over 1,500 hectares of rainforest that is dedicated to ecological preservation, in coffee growing areas as well as the Osa Peninsula. This small region in the South of Costa Rica is home to a staggering 2.5% of the Earth’s Biodiversity. Today, as the effect of global warming increases, it provides a crucial pathway for species seeking cooler temperatures and the Volcan Azul team has been instrumental in the creation of a protected wildlife corridor through the region. Working with farmers and landowners across the region, they are helping to preserve a truly special area.

Looking To The Future

For generations, Volcan Azul have been specialty coffee visionaries and guardians of their soil: an outstanding farm that leads the way in Costa Rica. With their coffee in high demand the world over, we are extremely honoured to be among the few coffee roasters working with them.

Finally, we want to congratulate Alejo and his team for their results at Cup of Excellence this year. One of the chosen lots will be on its way to Berlin soon - lucky us! Here is to the new harvest and a relationship that grows stronger every year. Until then, you can taste a coffee that sits at the heart of our portfolio, season after season: Volcan Azul Caturra: it tastes as good in Berlin as it does beneath the forest at the estate.

Consistency and quality

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