Cluster Manager

Allan is our new addition to the Operations Team. Originally from the Philippines, he gained extensive experience in Dubai for many years by managing various cafés. "My passion is working in international teams and fine tuning our retail operations."



Andreas is running our retail operations, human resources and expansion projects. His experience in gastronomy has translated into conceptualising and designing our cafes. When it comes to Business Development, he manages new product launches.



Sustainability is a journey of taking responsibility and it is subject to constant development. That allows us to cast new perspectives on this vast area. We go this journey with Beatrice, who is in charge of our ESG reports and B Corp certification.


Operations Manager

Brett works in operations to make sure we have the greatest possible team and the greatest possible product. With over a decade experience in coffee across Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, he joins us in Berlin to showcase our coffees to the public.



Roasting our beans to perfection and creating individual profiles to bring out the characteristics of each coffee we work with, thats the craft. Garreth joined us in 2018 from Australia - he brings vast experience and a strong passion for coffee.



Ji Sun joined THE BARN in 2017. Having enjoyed the different dynamics both in cafes and in production over the past years in the company, she is now leading the dispatch team. She focuses on prompt and precise delivery of freshly roasted coffee around the globe.


Talent Management

Kathrin very much enjoys working with people. She has long-term experience in the field of Human Resources. "At THE BARN we employ almost 30 different nationalities - this makes international HR work very interesting for me."


Data Privacy

Pawel worked in Edinburgh before joining us in Berlin. He is in charge of all our facilities and supervises all our data. "I find it exciting to be close to our customers and staff to create a unique customer experience. Coffee connects people!"



Pia has a background in business administration. She was running her own business for 10 years before joining our team. Pia is a real Berliner from hat to toe - she is the backbone of our office crew and she also makes the best soups in town!



Influenced by his life in Japan and the UK, Ralf founded THE BARN in 2010. He pioneered Specialty Coffee in an uncompromising way in Germany. By focusing on our product, farm relationships, roasting and sharing knowledge he established our international reputation for quality.


Food Production

All our handmade sweet and savoury snacks you enjoy at our cafés are made by Sylwia and her team. „Baking cakes and cookies with the best ingredients is so enjoyable. We were voted best carrot cake in town which makes me extremely proud.“



Being a coffee professional for many years and a competition barista in the Greek Brewer´s Cup, Tzan joins us from Patras. With his excellent coffee skills, he puts his passion into exploring every aspect of coffee making, tasting and provides a unique customer experience.