Cascara Workshop

Cascara Workshop

On the 31st of May, we are hosting a Cascara Workshop here in Berlin. This is the first in a series of summer events that will give our community the chance to take a deep dive into different aspects of the coffee world. This event will be all about cascara: from the process at the origin to the best way of brewing at home. If you are interested, click here for tickets and all the details.

What Is Cascara?

Cascara - meaning peel or shell in Spanish - is the dried outer fruit of the coffee cherry. An essential part of coffee processing is removing this layer of skin to access the beans inside. The peel can then be used in some amazing ways. Often, at the origin, it is added to the soil as natural fertiliser, but it can also be separated and dried to create Cascara as we know it.

During the washed process, the coffee is de-pulped, removing the outer skin and mucilage that surrounds the coffee bean. In natural processing, the cascara can be removed from the coffee once the whole cherry is dry. The dried peel can then be brewed like fruit tea, in hot and cold infusions.

Cascara Soda Cascara Tea

Love Coffee? Try Cascara

Coffee farmers have been brewing cascara for generations. We are now serving a range of drinks using cascara in our Berlin cafés. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it is a great way to enjoy a different aspect of the coffee plant. Containing around a quarter of the caffeine content of coffee, it is the perfect choice for those afternoon brews.

The delicate fruit flavour of cascara is like the sweet notes of your favourite filter coffee - it definitely deserves to be cherished! We currently source our Cascara from Finca Santa Clara, located in Antigua, Guatemala. The coffees from Santa Clara are amazing and so is the cascara. We have chosen Cascara produced from the Gesha coffee varietal, which offers flavours of peach, dried apricot, soft brown sugar, hibiscus, and jasmine.

Cascara Tea Recipe

Our classic Cascara tea is brewed just as you would with normal loose leaf varieties. This creates a delicate, fruity brew: a great way to taste Cascara for the first time. Simply use 5g cascara, steeped in 300ml of freshly boiled water for 3 minutes, then pour and enjoy.

Cascara Syrup

Ingredients: 10g Cascara. 20g Sugar. 230g water.

Recipe: Add freshly boiled water to the cascara and sugar. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain.

Cascara Soda

Ingredients: 330g water. 16g cascara. 16g sugar. 100g classic sparkling water to serve.

Recipe: Add freshly boiled water to cascara and sugar and steep for 1 hour, then strain and chill to create our Cascara Brew. Pour 150g Cascara Brew over 4-5 ice cubes. Slowly pour 100g of classic sparkling water on top and serve.

Cascara Spritz

Ingredients: 100g Cava Brut. 30g Amaro Spirit. 30g Cascara Syrup.

Recipe: Add 4-5 ice cubes to a tall glass. Pour amaro and cascara syrup over ice, then top up with cava and serve.

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