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The Acaia Pearl S Scale is the latest model in the Acaia Pearl Scale series and has all the innovations you can expect to help you make that perfect cup of coffee. The scale has six brewing settings and has a built-in interactive brewing guide. The unmatched precision and response time of the scale make this scale a must-have for every home barista. The Acaia Pearl S even shows the flow-rate to ensure your pouring is in a steady pace.

  • A bright LED display for easier reading
  • 0.02 second response time for instant readings
  • Accurate to 0.1g
  • Increased capacity to 3kg to compensate for longer brews
  • Sensitive even to weight changes as a result of evaporation
  • Portafilter Mode makes it simpler and easier to adjust coffee for weighing portafilters
  • Built in timer to be synced with the Acaia App on your mobile phone
  • Rechargeable USB power supply that lasts 20-30 hours

Acaia is one of the preferred brew scale manufacturers in Specialty Coffee. The modern and minimalistic scales are designed with functionality in mind, and compatible with the Acaia iPhone & Android app.

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