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Poached Pear. Chocolate.

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Origin: West Valley, Costa Rica
Roast: Filter / Espresso
Producer: Alejo Castro Kahle
Altitude: 1400-1500 Meters
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Natural 

Laurina: Naturally low caffeinated varietal

Volcan Azul is located on the edge of the Poás Volcano, where coffees have been planted on fertile soil since the mid-19th century. Alejo Castro Kahle is a passionate coffee grower who has set a goal to produce some of the best coffees in the world. Our natural Laurina has flavour notes of pear, macadamia, graham crackers and vanilla. The mouthfeel is smooth. 

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Laurina coffee naturally contains less than half of the caffeine of a regular arabica bean. Without compromising on body or flavour, this is a natural way that allows you to either drink more coffee in a day or those who are sensitive to caffeine have a chance to enjoy coffee.

The Farm
The West Valley is Costa Ricas historical production region. Most of its coffees are grown under protective shade, and produced on fertile clay. The valleys landscape is structured by three volcanoes and a gentle tectonic depression. This privileged land on the Pacific Coast has well-defined dry and wet seasons. 

Volcan Azul is located on the edges of the Poás Volcano. For 5 generations, the producers have continued making coffee with the objective in mind of achieving excellence and superior quality. The descendants of the founders families are acquiring natural tropical forest in order to protect and preserve the environment, and to reduce air contamination and global warming. It is their way of contributing to  a better future for the generations to come.

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