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Half the plastic used in the world today is in single-use items. KeepCup’s mission is to reduce this by encouraging the use of reusable takeaway cups. Operating since 2009, they estimate that KeepCup users around the world now avoid using more than 5 million disposable cups every day.

The 227ml (8oz) size is perfect for a flat white or cappuccino. The larger glass version holds 340ml (12oz) and is great for lattes. All components in KeepCups are BPA and BPS free.

All of our cafés offer a 20 cent discount to anyone taking away their beverage in a reusable cup (KeepCup or otherwise).


  • Volume: 227ml (8oz)
  • Material: LDPE plastic/polypropylene/silicone
  • Colour: Grey with white logo
  • Weight 93g


  • Volume: 340ml (12oz)
  • Material: LDPE plastic/polypropylene/silicone/glass
  • Colour: Glass/white
  • Weight 268g