Ever since Huye Mountain came out with their first natural processed coffee two years ago, all our crew were totally crazy about this coffee. And so they have come up with a recipe to enjoy a signature drink version on our brew bar. Bringing out the super juicy flavours and underpinning the tea notes of this coffee.

Using our ‘Barn Standard Aeropress’ recipe our team at Café Kranzler have created a fantastic fusion of coffee, crushed goji berries and Assam tea. The result is a signature drink that is truly bursting with natural sweetness and complex florals. As always with our signature drinks, the coffee is the star ingredient, with the Assam and goji working subtly to compliment and accentuate the natural flavours of blueberry and black tea. We recommend drinkers to let the coffee cool for a minute, then pour only small amounts into their cup allowing the aroma to fully unfold. We hope you enjoy trying this at home.  


-16g Huye Mountain Natural
-0.5g Assam Tea from P&T 
-1.5g Diced Goji Berries  


- Weigh out and dice goji berries
- Weigh out Assam Tea
- Brew goji berries and Assam tea together with Huye Mountain Natural
accorrding to THE BARN Standard Aeropress Recipe.