Grinding Coffee At Home

The Comandante hand grinder with ground coffee

When it comes to brewing great tasting coffee at home, picking your favourite freshly roasted coffee from our portfolio of Single Origin beans is just part of the puzzle. The next step is the one that will really let the terroir of that coffee sing: freshly grinding your beans using a quality coffee grinder. While pre-ground coffee can still taste good, it will never have the same vibrancy and definition as beans that are freshly ground. Not to mention, the aroma of freshly ground coffee is just one of those things that can brighten your day.

Why is Grind Size Important?

The size of the coffee grounds you use to brew determines how much coffee can become soluble in water: your extraction. Finer coffee is more easily extracted while coarser coffee is more difficult. Simply, evenly ground coffee at the appropriate size for your brewer is the best way to ensure a tasty cup. Take a look below to see our recommended grind size for a variety of brewing, from very fine and sandy for espresso to the coarse filter grind suitable for the Chemex or French Press.
Specialty Instant Coffee THE BARN Berlin v60 and comandante

A Matter of Taste

Deciding whether you have the right grind setting - dialling in, if you want to speak barista - is the fun bit: a matter of taste that may differ from person to person. Having an adjustable grinder at home means you can alter your grind and dial in your coffee just the way you want. While keeping your brew method the same, grind size is the most effective variable to change to find the flavour you want.

There are a few things to look out for if your coffee does not taste quite right. If your cup tastes watery or lacks sweetness, your coffee might be under extracted. Try grinding more finely to slow down your brew and increase extraction. If the coffee tastes bitter, dry, or dull, and takes longer than expected to brew, it could be over extracted. Try grinding more coarsely to speed up your brew and balance the extraction. Be sure to make a note of the grind size that tastes best for an easier dial in when you taste new coffees in the future.

Step Up Your Brewing

If you are ready to step up your home brewing, we have a range of grinders that will help deliver the beautiful flavour of our single origin coffee beans. While we all might dream of an EK43 sat on the kitchen counter, over the years we have found that good hand grinders offer better value for money than their electric counterparts at home: From the reliable and portable Hario Mini-Slim Plus to the class-leading Comandante C40.

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