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Our journey through the flavour of coffee will never be complete, but at its source there will always be Elemental.

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Origin: São Paulo, Brazil
Roast: Espresso / Filter
Producer: Jacon Family / FAF
Altitude: 1200-1350 Meters
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Natural

Over the years, we have pushed ourselves to share the most exciting coffee experiences with you.

We felt it was time to go back to the base and to create a coffee that should be the basis of your daily needs. A constant in your life, with a flavour profile that we all love: sweet chocolate with hints of macadamia. Rounded by a good body, supported with gentle acidity and with a lingering aftertaste. 

This is a return to our fundamental pleasures. Whether brewing espresso or filter, this is a taste of the values that drive us and the elements that created it.

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Milk Chocolate. Macadamia. Smooth.

Elemental is a coffee with the sweetness and depth that have defined our sense of flavour. The profile is rich with chocolate, smooth as macadamia, and perfectly balanced. For any occasion, a pure experience of terroir is waiting: every brew is a quiet testament to the elements.

The Terroir

The farmers of the Boa Vista Valley work hard with the earth that sustains us. They share and nurture water, expertise, and the land they depend on; the passion of families spreading through the landscape like the verdant forest. Through pioneering environmental focus, their coffee shows a new path towards the flavour we love, in tune with what matters most.

The Process

Elemental is naturally processed, following the traditional method that can be traced back to the coffee growing forests of Ethiopia. Selective picking ensures that coffees are harvested, when the essence of terroir is infused through every crimson-ripe cherry. Finally, the whole coffee cherries were slowly dried in the Brazilian sun, creating texture and depth that resonates in every cup.