Brew Guide - Aeropress - Rose Brew

This signature drink is brewed using an AeroPress that has been infused with rose petals and lemon rind. Gwladys, our lead barista in Neukölln, chose to brew it with Gedeb Bereti. The notes of bergamot in this coffee complement the floral-citrus infusion perfectly.


16g Gedeb Bereti beans
 ground for AeroPress
1g lemon rind
0.3g rose petals








Simply place your ground coffee, rose petals, and lemon rind into the AeroPress.

Press down the plunger with your flat right hand keeping your wrist at 45° angle. Your left hand is holding the body of the AeroPress on the pitcher. Push down with a slow but consistent force until the finishing brew time of 1:25 minutes. You know your brew is ready when you hear air hissing. Note: If you find strong resistance in your push action, your grind might be too fine.

With the AeroPress we like extractions of 20 - 22% aiming for a rich body and full mouthfeel. As your coffee cools it will open up in flavour and acidity. So take your time, sit back and relax.