THE BARN Potsdamer Platz is Officially Open

On Monday the 14th of January we officially opened our new location. We want to thank everyone who came to join us, and everyone who helped make this happen (Scroll down for the image gallery). The building has a really interesting history, Weinhaus Huth was well known for great food and excellent wines. The Barn will bring back that quality - only now it will be with the best coffees out there. 

Weinhaus Huth at Potsdamer Platz, built in 1912 was a post-war symbol for the destruction and division of the city. For decades, The Huth restaurant was the meeting place for society and wine-lovers alike on Berlin’s ‘Times Square’ of the 1920s. The building was the only one surviving the war at Potsdamer Platz. Willy Huth made his vision reality and lived the dream. During the war years, his close relationships to high-quality vineyards stood him in good stead and the Weinhaus Huth was able to carry on business as usual even during these hard times.

The Huth building sits at the exact spot where East Berlin meets West. The area around Weinhaus Huth was completely abandoned after the Berlin Wall was built in 1961. Only the one building remained. The area stayed empty until the wall fell in 1989. Only then did developers become interested in building up the area that had bordered the wall.

All our café designs are unique and adopt to architecture and neighbourhoods. The interior design of THE BARN at Weinhaus Huth will reflect the strength of the building. The bar is made from raw flame-finished granite. The idea behind the rough-plastered walls and untreated floor is to emphasise the purity of our coffees. A free-floating oak bench, 12 cm in thickness, is a feature along the rounded wall. Charles Eames’ classic design was chosen for the comfortable chairs and these have been made by Vitra in fibreglass. The feature lighting comprises a five-part installation by Flos and over the bar you will recognise the classic lamps from other THE BARN locations. The architectural features of the building have been incorporated into this distinctive concept of fixtures and furnishings in collaboration with the Berlin architects bfs-design. 

Our new location will feature coffee cocktails and natural wines in collaboration with Freimeister Kollektiv and Viniculture in Berlin. We also created a coffee craft beer together with Freigeist Bierkultur in Cologne. Come on down and say hi!