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Nectarine. Vanilla. Jasmine.

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Origin: Gera, West Oromia, Ethiopia 
Roast: Filter
Producer: Nano Challa Cooperative
Altitude: 1900 - 2000 Meters 
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Washed 

Amongst large tracts of pristine forest, coffee trees grow wild and are tended to by the Nano Challa Cooperative. With support from NGO Technoserve, the farmers have been able to elevate the quality of their coffee and receive consistently high premiums. Nano Challa is a stunning example of Ethiopian terroir, with a luscious flavour we enjoy season after season.

The Cup

Luscious, clean, with an irresitbly perfumed aroma. Washed processing has helped capture the bright character of the terroir around Gera, with abundant notes of ripe stone fruit. Expect flavours of nectarine, vanilla, yellow raisin, and jasmine in a refined and delicate profile.

About The Farm

Nano Challa is located in the Gera District of Western Oromia where large tracts of pristine forests remain and coffee trees grow wild. In 2009 the Cooperative was founded with the help of NGO Technoserve. The aim of the project was to increase sustainability and quality, with transparent and environmentally friendly production. Technoserve helped the farmers reach the international speciality coffee market and they subsequently receive a much higher price for their coffee.

The cooperative now consists of over 100 farmers who work on land that benefits from the high altitude and rich forests. Nano Challa is organically certified and has long been one of our Ethiopian highlights.

The Process

Coffee cherries are harvested by invidivual members of the cooperative, then hand-sorted to remove unripes and overripe cherries before they are delivered to the washing station for processing. The coffees are pulped and soaked in clean water, allowing the remaining mucilage to break down and ferment. The coffee is then washed again in channels and transferred to raised beds to dry.

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