Each month we send you our finest Single Origin coffee beans. THE BARN features more than 30 different premium coffees each year - new releases go straight to our faithful subscribers.
We find this automated service to be the best way never to run out of coffee at home or at work. You can easily adjust your delivery address. With our ongoing subscription you pay as you go - it is the most flexible service we offer: You can pause, cancel or adjust at any point. Our plan option is paid upfront. This way we can pass on a sweet discount to you. The plan is an ideal gift.
Shipping fees are included and all our coffees are sent out by tracked service. To deliver the highest taste experience, we ship all our coffees as whole beans. Freshly roasted in Berlin.

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Each month we will send you your coffee as stated above. Tracked delivery.

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We are happy to arrange an individual service according to your needs. For instance, higher quantities, frequencies or a mix of roast styles. Contact us here.