In celebration of another successful year of coffees from our South American partners at FAF, we asked one of our baristas to make a drink reminiscent of a summer specialty from their home town. 

Pomegranate shares similar history to coffee in its travels and widespread cultivation, so it was a fitting start to a refreshing summer coffee alternative. 

We use Whole Cane Dulce Sugar from Costa Rica.

Grown in the Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica, this sugar is the result of a very careful and labour intensive process.
Unlike more refined sugars, it is not heated and spun to transform it into a crystalised form, and, as a result, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is easier for the body to digest, and is metabolised more slowly than white sugar.

Mococa double espresso
60g pomegranate juice
15g cane sugar syrup


Shaken together with 80g of ice and garnished with a sprig of rosemary for aromatics. 

Tip: clap the rosemary and run along the rim of the glass to enhance the aroma.