Coffee Paloma

Los Naranjales unique Location in the Huehuetenango in Guatemala Gets strong Warm Winds from Mexico during coffe Drying period.

Most people don't really know but Paloma is the most Famous Tequila Cocktail within Mexico. Other than Tequila, Palomas main ingredient is Pink Grapefruit!
The name comes from the famous song (La Paloma). Difford's Guide supports that it was first made by the Legendary Don Javier Delgado Corona, Owner and Bartender of the historic Bar Restaurant La Capilla, in the town of Tequila. Also 22nd of May has been set as The Word Paloma Day.


70g Los Naranjales Coldbrew
55g Pink Grapefruit/Cranberry Juice
4 Ice Cubes


Shake everything together and add a piece of a sliced grapefruit on top. Enjoy it while it's nice and cold.