Brew Guide - Green Beans - Agua Del Caffe Crudo

We have been looking at the health benefits of raw coffee infusions for a while but never got around the fact that it does not taste good. At all.
Now it does: We are brewing ground green beans from Marcos Limongi´s farm on AeroPress with pure grapefruit and mint.
Green Coffee Bean Infusions support weight loss. The high level of anti-oxidants boosts metabolism, has positive effects on diabetes, reduces levels of bad cholesterol and improves blood circulation.
5g green coffee ground
12g grapefruit juice
4 dried mint leaves
145ml hot filtered water
Put all your ingerdients in an inverted AeroPress.
Add 145ml of hot filtered water.
Give it a little stir and close the AeroPress.
Brew for 4 minutes.
Turn the Aeropress carefully onto a pitcher or mug and press down slowly.
Enjoy the smooth mouthfeel as your beverage cools down.