The Highlands of Peru

The Highlands of Peru

We have started buying coffees from Peru in 2020 and want to highlight our two key farm partners in this blog post.


Peru´s highlands offer great growing conditions for quality coffee. However, after the split of large estates into small farms over the past century, many coffee producers lack infrastructure or access to the Specialty Coffee Market. Aromas del Valle is changing exactly that: They offer technical support and create sustainability by introducing higher standards. Our coffee comes from smallholder families across the provinces of Jaén, San Ignacio and Cutervo in Northern Peru.



What fascinated us was the expressive character of this cup with notes of mandarin, honeysuckle and raisin, with tons of caramel sweetness. This coffee has a smooth mouthfeel and is backed up by a gentle citric acidity.


Aromas del Valle is committed to the environment, respecting the harmony of ecosystems and maintaining organic farming techniques from generation to generation. Projects are in place that transition the coffee value chain to a more sustainable model to benefit the coffee producers. Quality improvements are made through technical assistance, organic fertilization, post-harvest training and supply chain infrastructure. By buying this coffee, you are directly contributing to the sustainable impact of Aromas del Valle.


Bernardo Rojas Colala has been growing coffee for 18 years in the San Ignacio district. The Cajamarca region lies in the north of Peru, nestled away in the high altitudes of the Andes mountain range. Las Orquideas has rich flavours of peach, yellow plum, raisins and cacao nibs. Its high sweetness is supported by notes of maple syrup and orange marmalade. The mouthfeel is silky and the body is held together with good balance and structure. San Ignacio is home to several Cup of Excellence finalists, and this has inspired Bernardo to focus on producing better coffees. One hectares of his small farm is dedicated to coffee growing, surrounded by extensive forest with great bio diversity. Bernardo is taking part in a government-led initiative to protect pristine forest.
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