The Barn is The First German Coffee Roasters to Receive The Award "Best Specialty Coffee Roaster in Europe and Middle East"

The Barn is The First German Coffee Roasters to Receive The Award "Best Specialty Coffee Roaster in Europe and Middle East"

Once a year, the Who-is-Who of the international coffee world are gathering at the prestigious Allegra Coffee Symposium to celebrate the international Coffee Awards. Several months prior to the Award Ceremony, both the coffee industry and the public are voting for their favourite company in each category. After winning “Best Independent Specialty Coffeeshop Europe” in 2018 we were stoked to be nominated again in 2019. This time for “Best Specialty Coffee Roaster in Europe & Middle East”... And we won again!

Allegra Strategies

Jeffrey Young is the driving force behind Allegra Strategies. We first met in 2011 when he dropped in to the little Barn and had a chat with Ralf. He loved our concept. Allegra is a leading-edge research and strategy consulting firm based in London. They focus on providing relevant and timely information to high-profile and fast-growing corporations. Their data reports and insights to the coffee industry are invaluable.

Coffee Festivals

What most do not know is that Allegra is the company who publishes the popular coffee guides for major cities around the globe such as London, New York or Amsterdam. They also organise of Coffee Festivals in London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and Cape Town. Bringing together Specialists, the industry and the general public.

The Coffee Masters

It is now more than five years ago that Allegra asked London Coffee Experts (and our old friends) Rob Dunne and Victor Frankowski to design a barista competition concept that makes the disciplines more relevant to our daily café businesses. Coffee Masters was born and is now an integral part of the London and New York Coffee Festivals. Our very own barista, Yuko Inoue, won the New York Masters in 2016!

Acknowledgement of our work

Being recognised for the work that we have passionately done over the past nine years, means a lot to us - and we want to thank you all for taking the time to vote for us. Specialty Coffee is a unique chance to change the value chain in coffee. We have been pushing quality in an uncompromising way from day one - that was in June 2010. We took a pioneer role serving only fully traceable coffee from sustainable farming. All scoring a minimum of 86 points, always Single Origin and fresh in season. Sharing knowledge and building a market or awareness for coffee quality, flavours, terroir and each individual farm story are just as much key to our DNA as training our staff and visiting our coffee growers. Commitment and integrity is what keeps us motivated. We would be nothing without our community, you. Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

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