Paper & Tea x The Barn - 10 Years of Friendship

Paper & Tea x The Barn - 10 Years of Friendship


Our friendship with Paper & Tea dates back right to the start of our activities. And it goes beyond our personal connection between Ralf and Jens (Founder of P&T).

What connects our companies is a focus on sustainability, attention to detail, and of course a striving to find the most special seasonal tea and coffee harvests in close cooperation with producers and farmers from across the globe.

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Specialty coffee and rare tea - A great fit!

  From farm to cup, The Barn and P&T are driven by a desire to continually explore the origin, special taste notes, and rarity of our coffee and tea.

Once selected and carefully roasted, hand brewing your coffee is like a tea ceremony: setting up your equipment, grinding your beans, starting to brew the coffee, smelling how the flavours evolve in the process and then savouring the diverse flavour notes that coffee can deliver. It is calming, satisfying, and delicious ritual that we place at the centre of all our cafés.

In honour of our friendship we have curated a special selection for our tea lovers: 3 delicious coffees from 3 different African origins that we recommend for any lover of the delicate and complex characteristics of speciality tea.

Coffee and Tea Pairing

Together with P&T we have decided to pair their Essential Green N°300 tea with our Bumba Hill filter coffee.

While the Bumba Hill has fruity notes of tangerine and rose, the green tea is a perfect complement with its nutty, vegetal aromas: The sweet, floral coffee rounded off by the savoury, velvet profile of the green tea. Pair these two together for an elegant flavour experience!

Reflecting our values in sourcing, these two choices are true representations of the origin and landscape they were grown in.

The Essential Green N°300 is produced by one of the first organic tea gardens in Chinas Hunan Province, growing up to 1500 meters above sea level in a landscape surrounded by lush nature and ancient wild forests.

Our Bumba Hill comes from the Long Miles Project: an innovative farmer-driven coffee production model. They work with coffee farming families on eleven unique hills within Burundi, with altitudes of up to 2000m. Together with volcanic soils and rainfall of 1300 mm per year, the growing conditions for coffee are amazing.

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Coffee & Tea Box

In May 2022 you find a special P&T Box in our cafés in Berlin. It includes 4 delicious P&T teas and a cylinder pot to brew your tea in. Sign up for our newsletter until the end of May and have a chance to win one of the boxes that are on display.

Simultaneously, all P&T Stores have a really cool Coffee Brew Kit from us on display (with Origami Drip Brewer and Bumba Hill Coffee samples). At the end of May, they will also be part of a draw. Have a chance to win one!

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