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We fell in love with the look and feel of these Coffee Cups from Hasami. They are the perfect match for our Elemental Coffee.

Porcelain has been produced in Hasami (Nagasaki, Japan) for the past four centuries. Building on this heritage, Hasami Porcelain was born under the direction of California based designer, Takuhiro Shinomoto. Passing through the hands of various craftspeople during the course of production, each piece is finally stamped by hand, completing its truly unique character. 

Each craftsperson is skilled in their own specialized role, such as the mixing of soil and stone, the molding of the product, the glazing, and the maintenance of the kiln during the firing process. They each contribute in their own way to create a piece that is naturally different from all the rest. This organization of labor in the Hasami village has been passed down for generations since the beginning of the Edo period.

  • Handmade from a mixture of porcelain and clay
  • Medium (85 x 72mm) or Large (85mm x 106mm)
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe, stackable
  • Made in Japan
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