Personal Data Support Form

During and after an order is sent to us via the Webshop, our systems will save and use some of the data that is included in there in order to process the order. For example your address might be saved on our shipping services to process the label making procedures.

We offer the option to all our customers to have their data deleted from our systems. If you would like us to remove* all of your data from our systems, please fill out this form to inform us of the request.

You will then receive a confirmation Email to the address provided above after your request has been processed.

*Please keep in mind that by using our systems again (For example ordering something again on our Webshop) your data will again enter our systems and thus will require you to submit another request to have it deleted again. Requests submitted via this form will delete your data up to the date of submission.


Please make sure you include the right you want to exercise in your request. The 3 most important ones that you might request to exercise are:
1. Right of Access (Get a copy of your data)
2. Right of Erasure (Have all of your data removed from our systems)
3. Right of Rectification (Correct and/or update your stored data)