Brew Guide - Drip


There are many vessels for brewing awesome filter coffee. Hario´s V60 is a great invention by the Japanese glassware manufacturer. Its 60 degree angle, a larger hole at the bottom and flow support on the inner lines give perfect control over your extraction.

Due to its full filtration, you will get extremely clean flavours from your brew. Yet at the same time, the paper filter will let pass through some of the coffee oils that will give your brew texture and silkiness.


While your kettle preheats with filtered water, grab your coffee beans and grind them with a medium setting. We recommend. Grind your coffee just before your brew – we recommend using a Comandante handgrinder or a quality electric grinder, such as Baratza or Mahlkönig. It is important to keep your bean bags zip-closed. Oxygen ages your coffee much faster; therefore we have designed our bags with a one-sided valve. This way the coffee can degas, but oxygen is not affecting your beans.

Place your V60 on top of a server or a cup and wet the filter paper with hot water. This step has two benefits: it gets rid of the residual paper taste and secondly, your brew vessel is being preheated.

Fill in coffee

Dump your preheat water and place your V60 with filter paper back on top of the server. Carefully distribute your coffee into the centre of your V60, avoiding the wet sides where it may stick. Give the V60 a gentle push to flatten the top of your coffee dome.

First Pour

Reheat your kettle to 95 degree Celsius, place your V60 with the vessel on a scale and tare it. Start the timer and wet all your ground evenly with 30 – 40 grams of water. Your coffee will begin to bloom. This is the carbon dioxide escaping and your coffee degassing. During this process, the coffee will take its original weight. That is the weight it had when it was inside the cherry on the tree. With that weight, the coffee is getting ready for balanced extraction.


Second Pour

At the 30 second mark, pour your brew to 100 grams of water. Pour in slow, steady, clockwise circles. Then pause until the water level has almost fallen to the level of the coffee bed.





Third Pour

Then refill the next 50 grams of water. Repeat until you hit 250 grams. Avoid high and dry pouring: Do not let the water levels rise too high and then drop down with unextracted coffee stuck to the sides of your brew vessels.

Finish Pouring

Now watch and take in all the aromas of the brew. The brew should finish dripping at around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If it finishes too quickly or too long, the grind may need to be changed. But judge by the resulting cup. Also notice how flat your "bed" is in the leftover grinds, as this will indicate the consistency of the pour.

 Release Flavours

Once you notice it has stopped dripping, remove the V60 to a carafe and gently swirl or stir the brew to encourage it to cool and let it breathe. Enjoy your hand-brewed coffee.