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Red Currant. Caramel.

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Origin: Apaneca, El Salvador
Roast: Filter
Producer: Mauricio Salaverria
Altitude: 1550 Meters
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Honey

Mauricio Salaverria has made Finca Himalaya one of the finest farms in El Salvador. Following some delicious coffees from Moe this season, it is time for one last lot! With notes of bright currant alongside velvety caramel, this Pacamara is a perfect finale.

The Anniversary lot is a celebration of the 10 years that Moe has worked with our export partner Belco. Continually experimenting, Moe chose to combine Honey and Natural processing in an exclusive microlot. The result is a profile with plush texture and elegant acidity.

The Cup

Known for sweetness and complexity, the rare combination of Honey and Natural processing makes this Pacamara irrestible. Expect notes of red currant, apple, and dark chocolate. The plush texture is balanced by refined, citric acidity.

About The Farm

One of the first speciality coffee farms in El Salvador, Finca Himalaya is known for excellence. Mauricio has built on generations of coffee knowledge and pushed the farm to another level: teaming up with experts such as former Barista World Champion, Sasa Sestic, and focusing relentlessly on quality.

Mauricio owns five farms in Ataco and Apaneca, while all coffees are processed at his Divisadero washing station. Walking the farm, it becomes instantly clear that his level of execution is in another league. Meticulous lot separation, different processing styles, huge wooden wine crates, and anaerobic tanks are all visible. Meeting Moe, you can sense the passion that delivers the quality found in every coffee he produces.

The farm has 24 hectares and plants Bourbon, Caturra, Pacas, Pacamara, Geisha, Maragogype, Maracaturra and Kenyan SL28/34. Nestled among the Apaneca Mountains, Finca Himalaya benefits from excellent terroir with clay and volcanic soil, producing coffees often awarded with the Cup of Excellence prize.

The Process

Moe processes his coffee in Ataco, which neighbours Apaneca. With less humidity, the microclimate is perfect for drying coffee. Our Anniversary lot was divided into two distinct processes. Ripe cherry is first selectively handpicked and sorted at the mill. The naturally processed cherries are then trasnferred to beds for slow drying. For the honey process, the cherries are pulped before drying - removing the outer skin but leaving some of the mucilage. The beans are then moved directly to raised beds to slowly dry.

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