Your Coffee on 3rd December. Los Pirineos. El Salvador

Today, we are heading south from Guatemala to neighbouring El Salvador. We have been lucky enough to visit El Salvador on a number of occasions. Los Pirineos is a truly stunning farm, high up in a volcanic mountain range.

A ‘garden of varietals’ was planted by the late Gilberto Baraona. His work exploring the flavour of this wonderful terroir is now continued by his son, Diego. The microclimate around the farm provides sun-filled days and cool breezes that are ideal for growing and drying. In the drying area of the farm, raised beds are positioned between two peaks which consistently channel the wind across the drying coffee, perfect conditions for natural and honey processing.

This coffee was processed in Black Honey style. The coffee cherries are pulped - removing the outer layer - and then dried with almost all mucilage left intact. The mucilage turns dark and sticky as it dries, giving the process its name.

We love the large beans of the Pacamara varietal for their superb complexity. In the cup, expect ripe plum, sweet orange, and milk chocolate. The body is like silky macadamia. As it cools, the quality is elegantly defined, like a quality Sencha tea.