Your Coffee on 24th December. Christmas Coffee. Honduras

Christmas Eve has arrived and there was only one choice: today we are celebrating with our 2023 Christmas Coffee. After the superb Geisha we featured for coffee number 18, producers Marysabel and Moises of Caballero in Honduras need no introduction!

Every year, we search far and wide for the coffee that will be the perfect match for the festive season. We have been working with Marysabel and Moises for many years: their dedicated approach to what they do makes them perfect partners. We chose this washed Catuai lot for the delightful combination of sweetness and balance, and know it will be a favourite for any palate.

At Caballero, cleanly defined flavours are always prioritised. After de-pulping, our Christmas Coffee was dry-fermented for 12 hours, then washed in channels and slowly dried on raised beds. This classic washed process has helped produce a sweet, clean coffee that is truly satisfying.

With an adaptable profile that suits any brew method, our Christmas Coffee can show off an amazing array of flavour. In the cup, the coffee is richly flavoured with notes of nougat, plum, dried apricot, vanilla, macadamia, and chocolate. The delicious profile is well balanced with a smooth, pillowy mouthfeel. One to share with friends and family as the festivities unfold!

Our Christmas Coffee is the perfect end to your Advent Journey. In 24 days, you have tasted coffee from across the globe, displaying an amazing array of terroir, varietal, and process. Every coffee we source is a taste of an incredible story: from the seed, to our roastery, and to your cup.

This final cup is the perfect way to say Merry Christmas from everyone here at The Barn: we cannot wait to share even more unique flavour in 2024!