Your Coffee on 20th December. Bait Yasin. Yemen

There are some coffees we taste that stand out in amazing ways. Today, you will be enjoying a coffee from one of the most incredible origins: Yemen. Up until the early 1700s, Yemen was the world's sole exporter of coffee. With extreme desert plains in the east, large coastlines, and vast volcanic mountain ranges, the terroir of Yemen offers something truly unique for coffee production. Due to the microclimatic and genetic diversity, and the centuries old cultivation techniques, Yemen’s cup profiles are as diverse as the flavour wheel.

Bait Yasin is a village located in Hayma Dakhiliya, known for its rich heritage of growing coffee. Coffee is the most important crop for farmers in the village, grown at 2200 metres above sea level. This lot is the result of the hard work put in by the smallholder farmers of Bait Yasin. The coffee has been nurtured and carefully hand picked when ripe. Then moved to the Qima Coffee processing facility.

Qima - meaning top in Arabic - was founded to shine a spotlight on the amazing heritage and production of coffee in Yemen. Its founder, Faris Sheibani, is committed to offering farmers in Yemen a sustainable way to continue farming their coffee, in the way it has been done for centuries. By increasing traceability and consistency, Qima helps the incredible coffees of Yemen coffee receive the attention they deserve in speciality markets. We have featured a number of exceptional coffees from Qima in our portfolio and our Advent Calendar would not have been complete without one.

Our Bait Yasin lot was processed naturally. The fresh cherries are sorted and dried on raised beds. The cooler conditions at the incredible altitudes of Yemen allow a slow drying process that helps develop exceptionally defined flavour.

In the cup, Bait Yasin offers an exotic profile that is truly distinct. Rich aromas of cherry and dark chocolate are intense and intriguing. On the palate, sweet raisin, dried fig, and gentle spice are carried by a texture reminiscent of oolong tea.