Your Coffee on 16th December. Cordillera del Fuego. Costa Rica

For your 16th coffee, we are staying in Costa Rica and have selected a lot which shows off the amazing character that processing can deliver. Cordillera del Fuego is located in the Western Valley of Costa Rica.

It is managed by Luis Campos, a true coffee pioneer who has helped shape modern processing trends in the region. The emergence of micro mills helped transform the quality of coffee in Costa Rica. Historically, smaller producers sent coffee cherries to big processors, but the micro mill model has allowed producers to experiment and innovate.

This coffee was processed in Honey Anaerobic style. The Caturra varietal is popular across many growing regions for its beautiful flavour. At Cordillera del Fuego, Honey Anaerobic processing is introduced to take the Caturra beans to the next level. The process is a variation of anaerobic fermentation that brings out superb sweetness and complexity.

The process begins with handpicked coffee cherries that have the ideal Brix sugar level of 26. The whole coffee cherries are first pulped to remove the outer layer of skin and mucilage, then transferred to steel tanks for fermentation. The mucilage that remains around the bean ferments, becoming sticky and imparting high levels of sweetness to the bean, along with complex acidity.
Our microlot presents a stunning range of flavour.

From defined raspberry and cherry to the depth of dark chocolate and cinnamon. The processing brings out a bold, creamy texture, with the comforting sweetness of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. The beautifully rounded flavour is a perfect match for the long wintry days of December.