Your Coffee on 15th December. Volcan Azul Geisha. Costa Rica

Today, you will be enjoying your second coffee from a farm we have been working with for many seasons: Volcan Azul. We love exploring the coffees produced by Alejo and this one is truly special.

With so much history behind the estate, it is the modern innovations introduced by Alejo that keep Volcan Azul at the forefront of coffee in Costa Rica. For this lot, Alejo chose to process the legendary Geisha varietal anaerobically, with stunning results.

The process for our lot started when cherries were still hanging on the branches of the coffee trees. By constantly measuring the Brix sugar content level, Alejo and his team identify the ideal harvest moment. The cherries are picked, sorted, and transferred to fermentation tanks where sugar content, PH, and temperature are constantly measured. The result is a delicately balanced anaerobic fermentation, adding beautiful complexity to the profile.

In the cup, expect intense notes of ripe peach and blackberry. The fermentation creates a rich body with a touch of booze, a sparkling acidity, and high sweetness. Jasmine notes, so recognisable in outstanding Geisha, round off a superb cup.