Your Coffee on 13th December. Finca Gascon. Guatemala

For your next coffee, we are heading to Guatemala. Following in the footsteps of his father, young producer Felipe Contreras has been making waves with his dedicated approach to quality, experimentation, and sustainability at Finca Gascon in Antigua.

Surrounded by volcanoes and protected nature, the breathtaking city of Antigua was once Guatemala's colonial capital and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between 1700 and 2100 metres above sea level, Finca Gascon sits on soil that is rich with nutrients and minerals.

At these altitudes in Guatemala, cherries mature slowly, making the most of this amazing terroir. Across 54 acres, Felipe is able to experiment with a range of varietals, before matching them with processing methods that reveal the very best flavour.

We chose this Catuai lot for its deep, round sweetness - a beautiful balance of Red Honey processing and the character of the terroir. Once picked, the outside skin is removed but a layer of fruity mucilage remains.

As the beans dry, the mucilage helps impart depth and complexity while becoming dark and sticky. This dry processing style uses much less water than the washed processing often seen in Guatemala and is testament to Felipe's drive to reduce the environmental impact of Finca Gascon.

In the cup, Finca Gascon offers an array of defined flavour. The aroma of sweet tropical fruit awakens the senses, with notes of lemon, juicy cranberry, pomegranate, and cherry. As it cools, the lasting impression is sweet, with rich bakers chocolate offering beautiful structure on the palate.