Your Coffee on 10th December. Mahembe. Rwanda

Next stop, Rwanda, and a farm that has featured in our portfolio for over 9 years. We have visited Justin Musabyimana at his farm and seen his dedicated approach to coffee on many occasions. Every season we are excited to taste Mahembe once again and our close relationship with Justin allows us to secure his best lots.

Mahembe benefits from a unique location: near the emerald waters of Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s great lakes. The microclimate created by the lake and surrounding forest offers warm mornings and days that make way for cooler evenings: perfect for the slow development of flavour in coffee.

This lot was fully washed using natural spring water from the surrounding hills. Cherries are sorted to remove unripe cherries and then pulped to remove the skin and most of the mucilage. The beans are fermented for 10 to 12 hours before a final washing and drying process on raised African beds for 21 days.

With the rich flavours of Morello cherry and dark chocolate, one thing comes to mind when tasting Mahembe: Black Forest gateau. On the palate, the luxurious profile is reminiscent of black tea and chocolate ganache. As it cools, notes of cocoa and nutmeg are sweet and satisfying.