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For over 10 years, The Barn has been dedicated to the pursuit of quality in coffee. This role is one of the most exciting jobs in our company and is the perfect fit for someone with the experience to back up an unending passion for what we do.

Our Head of Coffee continues to drive up our impact with coffee producers: from quality and processing to sustainability. Bringing the farm story home and bringing it to customer-facing roles within our organization is the next logical step. The task that makes this role so unique is the responsibility for coffee quality in all our units. Training café staff is just as important as working with the roasters to get the best out of our coffees



Coffee quality: You will be in charge of the coffee quality in all units of our company: cafés (quality check, recipe setting, standards, water quality etc), overseeing the training of all our staff with regard to farm story, beanology, and communication with our customers. This will include our Sales and Marketing teams, ensuring every member of the team has the knowledge to match their passion. Sourcing our coffees: Green Bean planning, travel to origin, farm relationship management, exploring sustainability projects at origin, impact creation, producing marketing material (bring the farm story home: interviews with farmers, photos, videos, farm reports), exporter relationship management, contract and price setting, transportation to our Roastery, warehouse contact. Quality control in house: You will lead our teams in all things quality including sample quality control, cuppings, and evaluations. You will work closely with the roast team on profiling our coffees and getting the very best out of our green beans.


Coffee Sourcing & Impact at Origin Green Planning & Purchasing Marketing: Photos, Videos, Interviews, Field reports Cupping & QC in Roastery and work with roasters Staff training & Communication (Telling Farm and Coffee Stories) Quality Control in our Cafés (Recipes, Extraction, Water, Standards) Admin: Reporting, planning volumes with sales units