How to establish a Specialty Coffee Café in a new market

How to establish a Specialty Coffee Café in a new market - THE BARN Coffee Roasters Berlin

THE BARN has been doing pioneer work in Berlin since the early days. As one of the first speciality coffee shops in Europe, our Berlin cafe helped set the standard for a new wave of coffee shops.

Over the years THE BARN explored many ways of building an audience, lowering barriers and introducing Specialty coffee to a new market in Berlin.

This is a presentation and interactive discussion from our founder Ralf, about how to build a speciality coffee shop and making it work; how to respond to barriers and how to grow a business with quality.

Ralf uses all his experience of speciality coffee in presenting to CoLab and leading workshops with the participants of this Barista Campus.

This is a great resource for everyone who is interested in finding out what it takes to build a speciality cafe and we are really happy to be able to share this one with you. 

Keep a lookout for our upcoming events - including a public town talk with World Champion Barista Sasa Sestic. 


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