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Strawberry. Frangipane. Candy.

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Origin: Cerrado, Brazil
Roast: Filter
Producer: Daterra
Altitude: 1173 Meters
Varietal: Aramosa
Process: Black Honey

Our Plot is a project coffee produced in collaboration with Daterra: one of the most innovative producers in the world today.

Four years ago, Daterra invited us to take ownership of 1 hectares of beautiful Aramosa coffee plants. "Our Plot" is a program by Daterra that was initiated to develop ideas to help elevate coffee production techniques and qualities. Only six roasters worldwide are lucky enough to work on one project each. 

Our goal was to develop the best honey and anaerobic style for the Aramosa plants in Brazil. The coffee on offer here is our black honey process which is absolutely gorgeous. The profile is intensely sweet, like a strawberry candy and frangipane.

Daterra is also home of THE BARN FOREST. 16,000 trees were planted already with your support. Our goal is to reach 40,000 by 2025. Donate trees, starting at 1.50 EUR per tree. 

The Cup

Our project took us from yellow to black honey, with different fermentation times, layers, sugar levels. We find this Black Honey Lot to be the best yet: Expect the sweet note of ripe strawberry or fruit candy. A lingering note of frangipane is a nutty reminder of the classic profile of Brazilian terroir.

About The Farm

Daterra are pioneers in their field: committed to pushing the boundaries in coffee production, with a dedicated approach to both quality and sustainability. They were the first Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm in Brazil and the only B Corp certified coffee producer in the world.

For us, working with producers is an exciting journey and our close relationship with Daterra has allowed us to push the limits of coffee sourcing.

Together we have embarked on a Tree Planting programme to help mitigate the effects of climate change. We have committed to planting 40,000 trees on protected land in Brazil: you can make a difference and donate one today.

The Process

In Honey Processing, the skin and outer layer of fruit surrounding the bean are removed, but the mucilage surrounding the bean is left in place: the sticky, golden layer that gives the process its name. In the Black Honey process we chose for Our Plot, the majority of the bean's mucilage remains, allowing an intense fermentation. The beans are then slowly dried on covered bed, where they develop the distinct black colour.

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