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Butterscotch. Ripe Fruits.

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Origin: Caparao, Brazil 
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Clayton Barrossa 
Altitude: 1400 Meters 
Varietal: Red Catuai
Process: Natural 

Ninho da Águia is located on the slopes of the third highest peak in Brazil: the natural wonder Pico da Bandeira. Surfer-turned-farmer Clayton Barrossa meticulously tends the land, making the most of the high altitude to produce complex coffees with beautiful sweetness and notes of ripe fruit.

    The Cup

    From this sweet profiled coffee you can expect the bold flavour of butterscotch and chocolate ganache, complemented by red currants and ripe fruits. The elegant acidity and floral finish make for an espresso worth lingering over and one of our favourite Brazilian coffees of the season.

    About The Farm

    Clayton is a rock-star within a new generation of coffee growers in Brazil. He is making headlines with high pricing for his handmade qualities. He also roasts himself and supplies Michelin-Star Restaurants with his coffees. We are proud to be his partner, and Clayton shares his absolute top lots with us every year. Having returned to the land of his family in the 90’s, he now lives with his wife and daughters on the estate.

    Adjacent to the Caparaó National Park, it was only natural for Clayton to be fully organic, helping to preserve the land for generations to come. 55 hectares of land are divided between preserved forest, natural springs, and coffee planted alongside other crops. The small cultivated area produces an average of 300 bags of coffee per season, reflecting Claytons dedication to quality and sustainability.

    The Process

    With a cool and humid climate, harvest takes place from June to December. Only fully ripe cherries are selectively picked by hand, sorted, and gently dried on raised beds. The drying period of between 20 to 30 days creates an even consistency throughout the beans and deep, defined flavour.

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