Manual Brewing Workshop
Manual Brewing Workshop


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A workshop designed for both home baristas and coffee professionals who want to get a deeper understanding and experience of filter brewing methods.

Time: Saturdays, 10.30am - 12.30pm
Duration: 2 Hours
Language: English
Tutor: Yuko
class size: 1-3 participants

This course is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in non-espresso brewing. Manual brewing is the easiest way to reproduce a great cup of coffee at home. We will show you how to use a variety of brewing devices and methods like V60 and AeroPress. You will get the chance to train each device by yourself. After testing different methods we will taste all brews and discuss the results. A certificate will be issued on completion.

  • Mahlkönig K30 Grinder
  • Hario Kettles
  • Acaia Scales
  • V60 Dripper
  • AeroPress
What we learn
  • Extraction and Strength
  • Pour Over Techniques
  • AeroPress techniques
  • Learn good working practice techniques
  • Taste and evaluate
  • Alter parameters: Grind, Time, Brew Ratio, Temperature, Agitation, Water composition



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