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Chocolate.Dates. Nougat.

Origin: Caconde, Brazil
Producer: Hellio Aureglietti
Altitude: 1250 meters
Varietal: Obata
Process: Natural

Hellio Aureglietti ("Lele") is operating his farm in the Caconde region of Brazil. This is his first year working with FAF (see "Fazenda Um") to improve his coffee qualities. We have chosen two beautiful lots: one processed natural and the other pulped natural. Side by side these two lots show the effect processing has on the taste profile of a coffee. The natural coffee tastes like dates in chocolate which a nugatory aftertaste. This coffee is a lot richer in taste compared to the pulped natural one. 

Naturally processed coffees have full fruit flavours and high sweetness. When done correctly this can be very delicious and clean. The harvested cherries are laid out on patios or raised beds to dry slowly. The coffee is moved by hand regularly to make the drying even, prevent mildew and to manually remove any beans that are not up to our standard.