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Chocolate. Fig.

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Origin: Brunca, Costa Rica
Roast: Espresso
Producer: John Alvarado
Altitude: 1800 Meters
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Washed (Reposado)

Descending from the highest peak in Costa Rica, the pine trees lining the steep valleys are slowly replaced by verdant coffee plants. John Alvarado has been instrumental in changing the reputation of coffee from Brunca and in March this year we visited his farm.

Arriving at the end of the harvest, some coffee plants were already in flower, welcoming an incredibly array of insects to their delicate white blossoms. A focus on sustainability and modern processing styles brings real character to the coffees from Corazón de Jesús. In this lot, expect great texture and the sweet flavour of ripe fig.

The Cup

We were blown away by the texture of this washed coffee: with rich flavours of chocolate ganache and ripe fig. Full and balanced on the palate, notes of vanilla appear as this coffee cools.

About The Farm

Corazón de Jesús is situated in the shadow of the Chirripó mountain. The highest peak in Costa Rica was named as the ‘land of eternal waters’ in the indigenous language, reflecting the bountiful lakes which contribute to a unique terroir. Coffee from the Brunca region has seen amazing improvements in recent years. The Alvarado family have prioritised the production of speciality coffee beans, experimenting with the best possible combinations of cultivar and process.

The farm is part of the Bandera Azul program, an organisation that encourages sustainable production through better farming practices, environmental conservation, and responsible water management. Our lot was grown at their El Salitre Plot. Located at 1800 meters, it benefits from rich soil and weather conditions.

The Process

Our washed lot is the result of relentless quality sorting to have only the best cherries present. Processing the day after picking is not typical and it adds sweetness and flavour to the cup profile ("Reposado Style"). After the under-water-fermentation, the beans are rested overnight in tanks and then sun dried on raised African beds for approximately 12 days.

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