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Blackberry. Hibiscus. Rich.

Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Njeru Miguongo
Altitude: 1625 - 1675 Meters
Varietal: SL28, Ruiru 11 
Process: Washed

Grown in Kirinyaga County - the homeland of Mount Kenya.The terroir benefits from rich nutritious soil and produces very complex coffees. Ivory tastes very Kenya-esque: Juicy blackberries, refreshing hibiscus and great sweetness. 

Ivory will be an exclusive single-farm partnership for us. We expect the quality of this coffee to enhance further as we will support Njeru Miguongo to improve his facility. The farm was established in 1959. Working as a teacher in the 1950s, Haniel Miguongo invested his savings in the coffee production. Now the estate is managed by his son, Njeru.