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Milk Chocolate. Blood Orange. Velvety.

Origin: Huye, Rwanda
Producer: David Rubanzangabo
Altitude: 1700 - 2200 Meters
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

We are very excited to bring back Huye Mountain, just in time for the Holiday season. We have a strong relationship with David and learned much about his processing when we visited in April 2016. This season we have chosen 3 microlots from Huye Mountain which represent different taste potential in this area. We are starting with Cyarumbo Lot with flavour notes of milk chocolate, blood orange and dark cherry sweetness. 

The micro region, soil and altitude offer great growing conditions. Coupled with excellent management, this Red Bourbon varietal delivers a complexity of flavours to the cup. Note on Rwanda: The region is known for the ""potato effect"" which comes from a bacteria that enters the coffee bean through the stitch produced by an insect. You can smell this when you grind the coffees and accidentally have a ""potato bean"" in the mix. Huye Mountain has extreme quality control and the workers literally turn every bean to sort out any bean with a tiny hole in it. As a result we have very little risk of potato beans in Huye Mountain.