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Milk Chocolate. Blood Orange. Raisin.

Origin: Huye District, Rwanda
Roast: Espresso
Producer: David Rubanzangabo
Altitude: 1700 - 2200 Meters
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

Rwanda is the land of 1000 hills and blessed with ideal growing conditions for coffee: High altitude, regular rainfall and rich organic soil. Huye Mountain is a very balanced coffee with notes of milk chocolate, blood orange, nutmeg and raisins. The cup is sweet with a rich mouthfeel.

David Rubanzangabo was a key figure in the development of Specialty Coffee in Rwanda. When he took the washing station private, he segmented the mountain range into seven zones - each of them with a different flavour profile. Our lot is coming from the Cyarumbo zone, where around 600 families are contributing to this beautiful coffee.