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Chocolate. Orange. Elegant.

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Nyamasheke District, Rwanda
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Gitwe Producers
Altitude: 1800 Meters
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

Between the emerald waters of Lake Kivu and the lush forest of Nyungwe National Park - where gorillas and chimpanzees roam - lies the Gitwe washing station where this sweet and elegant espresso was produced.

The Cup

With Gitwe, a classic flavour combination awaits: chocolate and orange.

The satisfying mouthfeel delivers a rich profile with the sweet flavour of milk chocolate and caramel, while citric acidity is well-developed in notes of kumquat and orange peel.

About The Farm

Gitwe is a young washing station, founded in 2016 near the town of Gatare in the Western Province of Rwanda.

The high elevation and nutritious soil of the area offer great growing conditions, supporting numerous coffee growers as well as farms that specialise in tea, fruit, and vegetables.

It was bought by the Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) in 2018 and they have continued to invest in the project, providing training and support to over 800 farmers.

RTC have been key in elevating specialty coffee qualities in Rwanda over the past ten years, operating 18 washing stations across the country and offering agronomy training, seedlings, technology and finance to their coffee growers.

The result of their work and our partnership is that we are able to bring you the best coffee that Rwanda has to offer.

The Process

RTC took over Gitwe with the hope of showcasing clean processing in Rwanda, using natural spring water from the land.

Cherries delivered to Gitwe are sorted in tanks to remove any defective coffee cherries, then depulped to remove the skin, pulp, and 70% of the mucilage.

The beans are then fermented, washed in channels, and soaked in clean water before drying for up to 15 days.

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