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Praline. Raisin.

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Origin: São Paulo, Brazil
Roast: Filter
Producer: Adonis Cerri
Altitude: 1200 - 1400 Meters
Varietal: Arara
Process: Natural

Working across his steep, forested farm, Adonis Cerri continues to experiment with varietal and process, even into his 70s! Our partnership has delivered some superbly refined coffees and this beautiful Arara microlot is the latest. The Arara varietal produces beautiful depth and complexity: a delightfully sweet filter coffee with silky smooth texture.

The Cup

From this Microlot, Adonis has delivered a sweet profile that is full of ripe stone fruit and the gentle sweetness of milk chocolate. Expect a smooth profile on the palate, with the sweet notes of nutty praline and raisin. Gentle acidity is a hallmark of coffee from the region.

About The Farm

Set over 50 hectares, Fazenda Da Mata covers an entire mountain side. Driving up and down the steep inclines in his 1980 jeep, Adonis enthusiastically goes about the work of tending to his land and checking the development of each lot. At 75, every cup of Fazenda Da Mata draws on his wealth of experience.

Fazenda Da Mata is a vertical farm that climbs from 900 metres to just under 1400 metres at its peak. On the Mantiqueira Mountain range in Brazil, the farm benefits from Volcanic soil that is rich with nutrients. In Portuguese ‘Da Mata’ means ‘of the forest’ and reflects the large area of forest Adonis preserves across his farm.

Visiting the farm with Adonis and driving up and down in his jeep, you can feel the change in temperature as the altitude increases. Over his many years of farming, Adonis has invested in terracing his fields making farm-work in part mechanizable and more efficient.

With dense forest and steep slopes, the farm benefits from a distinct microclimate. The unusually cool evenings allow for prolonged maturation of the coffee cherries, increasing the density of organic material and helping to produce a sweeter cup that is perfectly suited to natural processing.

The Process

Our lot was carefully handpicked, sorted, then naturally processed. The ripe cherries are dried with the skin and fruit intact, imparting flavour and texture to the profile of the coffee. When the desired moisture content has been reached, the outer fruit is removed mechanically.

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