Espresso Shots & Milk Workshop


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Want to gain a better understanding in how your local baristas create that cup of coffee you just cant stop going back for?

Time: Saturdays, 10.30am - 13.00pm
Duration: 3 Hours
Language: English
Tutor: Yuko
Class size: 1-4 participants

In this class we aim to share some trade secrets in how to get the best results when using an espresso machine.

Whether you’re just getting into the industry, an avid home barista or just drink a lot of coffee, this course will help you learn about the rules we live by to get the most out of our coffee.

Split into two sections, we will begin to delve into the world of espresso and how to pull the perfect shot, then move onto how to texture milk to the ideal consistency and temperature so you can pour a beautiful pattern on top of your flat white.

  • La Marzocco Linea
  • Mahlkönig K30 Grinder
  • Pergtamp
  • OCD distribution tool
  • Rhinoware milk pitchers


What we learn
  • When to use your beans
  • Learn about extraction and strength
  • Setup, maintain and shutdown the machine
  • Learn good working practice techniques
  • Taste and evaluate
  • Steam and pour milk



You can select and book your session. Or buy a voucher and arrange for your session at a later stage.