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In the morning one espresso to wake up, in the afternoon one to stay awake and in the evening one after dinner. Our Espresso Gift Box is for those with espresso machines at home or in the office.

With this box, the espresso lover in your life will have the complete equipment to make the most of their machines. Of course we include some of our coffee roasted for espresso. Using a well-made tamper ensures that water will pass through all parts of the coffee bed evenly, resulting in a balanced espresso shot.

Steam fresh milk in your pitcher to the perfect temperature, pour it into your cup and taste for yourself how the flavour profile of our coffees can be complemented by the addition of microfoamed milk. The world of espressos is full of secrets that can easily be uncovered when you have the right equipment on your bench.

Our Espresso Gift Box includes:
- 250g of our freshly 
roasted Christmas Coffee Beans

- Rhinowares Stealth Milk Pitcher 360ml/12oz
- Barista Hustle Tamper black

- Exclusive Department of Brewology pin