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Cup coffees like a professional!

Coffee Cupping is a globally standardised tasting method used to determine coffee quality. Cuppings happen at the farm level, at export labs, roasteries, and even in the homes of coffee enthusiasts.

This cupping set includes everything you need to evaluate coffee like a pro. It includes a set of coffee samples, an industry standard cupping cup, and a beautifully engraved cupping spoon. All that is missing is the hot water!

Cupping spoon:
"THE BARN" engraving, stainless Steel 18/10
Dimensions: scoop width 41mm, scoop depth 10mm, length 155mm, thickness 2mm

Cupping cup:
W. Wright, durable porcelain, 8 oz.

We run public cuppings at our Roastery in Berlin every Sunday at noon. Join us when you are in town. Don't forget to bring your cupping spoon!