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Cupping coffees side-by-side is great fun and the best way to train you palates in a very easy way. Coffee Cupping is a globally standardised method used to determine coffee quality. It happens at the farm level, at export labs, roasteries, and of course in the homes of coffee lovers. During the cupping process, the full aromas and flavours of a coffee can be identified. 

Our cupping set has everything you need to pour, slurp and enjoy coffees like a professional. Your box includes a set of coffee samples, two industry standard cupping cups and two beautiful cupping spoons engraved with THE BARN logo. All that is missing is the hot water!

The Cupping Box consists of:
- 2x cupping spoon. Stainless steel, engraved with "THE BARN"
- 2x cupping bowl. Porcelain, 235ml/8 oz.
- 6x35g samples of beans of our freshly roasted Specialty Coffee

Each sample of beans is good for about 3 cupping bowls. And as a little extra, if you are ever in Berlin: we run public cuppings every Sunday at noon at our Roastery!