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The Barn is all about terroir, specific flavours of the fields and highlighting each individual farmer - so we can showcase their good work and give them a face to the market. With that in mind we only offer Single Origin Coffees.

That said, coffee blends can be very good. We decided to make Christmas 2018 more fun and designed this "blender box". Go wild and experiment new coffees tastes by mixing different origins or processing types!

Your standard blender box contains the following items:

  • 3x250gr of outstanding coffees 
  • measuring spoon made by Hario
  • recipe blend ideas
  • sample bag with our Geisha Cascara, Guatemala
  • a hand-made craft-box

Coffee #1
Wolichu Wachu natural, Guji  - Ethiopia
Strawberry Jam. Black Tea. Bergamot.

Coffee #2
Cachoeirinha natural, Sao Paolo - Brazil
Milk Chocolate. Hazelnut. Butterscotch. 

Coffee #3
Ivory AB washed, Kirinyaga - Kenya
Blackberry. Hibiscus. Rich.