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Origin: El Salvador, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Thailand
Roast: Filter & Espresso
Producer: 4 Producers
Altitude: 1500 - 2100 Meters
Varietal: Mixed Varietals
Process: Washed, Red Honey, Black Honey, Anaerobic

The Best Of Advent
In search of memorable coffee for December? Maybe you missed our Advent Calendar? Our Advent Top 4 will take you on an amazing journey through our December portfolio.

Every year, there are coffees that stand out as truly unique. This is a chance to experience the coffees we cannot stop talking about.

We have selected 4 different lots from 4 different origins, including washed, honey, and anaerobic processed. A superb array of flavour and texture awaits.

Includes 4x 250g bags of whole beans.

Chaiprakarn, Thailand
This year, we are featuring coffee from Thailand for the very first time. This washed lot is a seriously elegant introduction to Thai coffee with notes of milk chocolate and raisin.

Finca Gascon Red Honey, Guatemala
The coffees from Finca Gascon surprise us every season. We could not resist this beautifully processed Red Honey lot, with sweet notes of chocolate and ripe cranberry.

Los Pirineos Pacamara Black Honey, El Salvador
Los Pirineos was a true innovator when it came to varietal and process. The Black Honey process leaves almost all of the fruity mucilage attached to the coffee bean - imparting complex sweetness during processing

Shantawene Anaerobic, Ethiopia
Our first ever Anaerobic coffee from Ethiopia offers a complex and fruit-forward profile that is an amazing example of the Sidama terroir - it is bursting with sweet tropical notes.


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