Production Roaster


Production Roaster

As a production roaster you will be working side by side with the head roaster and production team to produce and send out the highest quality coffee. As the right hand of the head of production, you will have a very passionate personality and a great attention for detail.

You constantly aim for the highest quality in the most consistent way while being flexible to adopt the vision of the company. The production roaster should not only be aiming for consistent roasts but also think together with the team on how to improve quality and efficiency. While doing this you will be hands-on involved in every part of production, including roasting, packing, dispatch and QC. We are a tight team where everybody works together to reach our common goals.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Work with the production team of the roastery by working in roasting, packing and dispatch.
  • Participating in QC and keep a close eye on the quality of all roasts.
  • Set individual roast profiles for each coffee together with the head roaster
  • Consistently roast exceptional coffees following the set profiles.
  • Participate in evaluation of green coffee and samples by sample roasting and cupping, involvement in green purchasing.
  • Communication with roasting team about the consistency and quality of the roasts.
  • Keep the roastery and equipment clean and well maintained.
  • Jump in wherever needed when there are urgent tasks in any part of the roasting operation, be flexible with tasks.
  • Stay educated about roasting and up to date with everything in the coffee industry by reading articles etc. and attending trade shows.
  • Show a willingness to learn and to constantly improve.

Personal qualities:

  • Previous roasting experience in speciality coffee
  • Passionate about the coffee industry and quality driven
  • Team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to be involved in all parts of our production chain.
  • Minimum commitment of 2 years