Head of Roasting & Production


We are hiring: Head of Production & Roasting (m I f I d)


We are looking for the right candidate to manage our roast operations. This is a long-term position on a great platform that offers many layers to develop and grow.

Our roast process is key to our company. As Head Roaster we need you to adopt to our vision and roast style. You will be working solely with Single Origin Coffees scoring up 86 points and higher. Your focus is to deliver highest roast consistencies and to set profiles that bring out all natural flavours of each of our coffees. Our roast style is clean and light. 

You will be heading our QC team which works closely with our leadbaristas that will give you important feedback on the performance of our coffees. You are responsible for our green grading process, sample roasting and you are involved in the selection of our green beans.

As Head Roaster, all machinery have to be maintained and cleaned by you. The technical state of your machines are fundamental for consistent roasts and safe work.

As Head of Production, you are responsible for the packing and orderly dispatch of our orders. We are delivering roasted beans to leading coffee shops across the globe; they fully depend on our timely and accurate deliveries.

You will be managing your team of support staff. A strong number two supports you in operations and production roasting. We are planning to move our roastery to a larger space towards the end this year. Which is an exciting process to be involved in.

The position has high responsibilities and a minimum term of 3 years. Send us your application with cv, photo and cover letter to info@thebarn.de

starting date: 1st of May 2019